Hi! My name is Ashley Olson (yes, like the twins but with an “o” not an “e”). To sum my life up in a few sentences: I am a 26 y.o., happily married, military wife from NC originally, but currently living in Hawaii. I like to exist as simply and freely as possible, without needing a lot of unnecessary “things” that this world has become SO dependent on. I live for Christ, my husband and my family! I love all things joyful and good for the soul: puppies, babies, pizza and adventure.

I’ve always loved the idea of blogging, but never had the dedication or persistence to actually keep up with one, until now (fingers crossed). I’d like to think that I’ve been blessed with a somewhat interesting life that people enjoy keeping up with (or so I’m told). So… Here I am, a small town, southern girl with a lot of stories to tell, adventures to share, advice to give and love to spread.



Love y’all! XOXO

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