November in a nutshell

Oh my goodness! It has been entirely TOO LONG since I’ve written a post for you guys…

Is it just me, or do things start to get hectic around this time of year?!

For starters, I just so happened to get sick over Thanksgiving (womp, womp, womp). I’ve always been blessed and thankful for a SUPER, strong immune system, but I guess after almost a whole year of no sickness, it was bound to happen at some point (I was long overdue for a cold).

Although, I couldn’t really taste or smell much of anything I ate, I enjoyed myself as best I could amongst my piles of tissues. I even managed to fit in an early morning gym sesh before the feast! Yeah, yeah, call me crazy… Who goes to the gym on Thanksgiving Day? Better yet with a cold? THIS GIRL. I guess once your body is in a rhythm and a routine, it’s hard to break from it – no matter what holiday it is. To my brain, it was the BIGGEST and best food celebration of the year. However, to my body, it was just another Thursday morning in the gym.

The day after Thanksgiving things took a turn for the worst as I received news that no one wants to hear (especially after such a joyous holiday). My grandma (who is 93 years old and lives in NC) had a fall, which resulted in her having a stroke. Unfortunately, my family is no stranger to stroke. She has suffered a few of them in her old age (some worse than others) and it is also what took my grandpa’s life 2 years ago.


However, this stroke in particular had us all worried, as her heart rate dropped into the low 30’s. Since there was nothing the doctors could really do, it became a waiting game. They told us she could always improve, but for us to also prepare ourselves if she continued to decline.

I cried, I prayed and I even was preparing to make arrangements to fly home, unsure if she would get better or worse. Luckily, God decided it was not her time just yet… On Saturday, she passed her swallow test and was able to eat on her own, which drastically improved her chances of a more positive outcome. Yesterday, they transferred her to an inpatient nursing home to receive extensive PT and OT. She still has a long road to recovery, but we are hoping she continues to improve and show signs of progress.

Between work, that god-awful, week long cold and everything going on with my grandma, I was physically and emotionally exhausted and quite honestly ready for November to be over. December came around and I am pleased to say that feel much more like my ‘usual self’ – positive, cheerful and filled with the holiday spirit (hence the tree is officially up)!


You know that feeling when you literally have no more open branches to fit anymore ornaments… HEAVEN ON EARTH!

Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE holiday (SHOCKER)! This Christmas however is going to take a little getting used to… Instead of cold weather, camp fires, sweaters and UGGS… I’m still wearing my bathing suits, shorts, and feel like I should have a palm tree for a Christmas tree. Yep, MELE KALIKIMAKA from this southern gal and her haole!


Totally off subject… But real quick kudos to my smart, handsome, hardworking husband who just recently moved up yet another rank. He’s been in the military for 3 years now and has already accomplished SO much in such a short time.



As for excitement coming up, we have our very FIRST visitors coming to visit very, very soon (all the way from NC), which we are ecstatic about! After all, anyone that brings a little taste of home to us, is always welcome here!

Another exciting development is also in the works… Over the past few months, I’ve really felt God leading me into this new direction and I’m SO thrilled to learn, grow and build this new venture from the ground up! I will be sharing more details in the beginning months of 2017 when things start to take shape, but for now I just ask that you continue to pray, inspire and encourage me as I am working hard and putting in countless hours to make a dream, become REALITY!

P.S. Y’all are freaking AWESOME!



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