Election thoughts and Veterans Day

This election was unlike any other I have ever experienced. It had me feeling all sorts of emotions that I wasn’t sure how to process.

If you know me personally, you can probably take a guess at who got my vote. But I have purposefully chosen not to share that information publicly because 1. it’s a personal choice and is no one’s business and 2. I have zero tolerance and no time for negativity. So if you are looking to start an argument, debate or post a comment full of hatred and judgement, this is not the place and I am not the person (Facebook is full of people willing to do that).

After the election results came out, I was quite disgusted, disappointed and saddened at how some of our fellow “Americans” chose to show their disapproval for our new president. I understand that this election was monumental in so many ways, which is why I try my best to be mindful, respectful and empathetic towards EVERYONE’S feelings, opinions and views, however burning our country’s flag is something I will NEVER be okay with or tolerate. As a spouse in the military, it sparked a fire inside of me, as it should everyone [part of me was mad as h*** and the other part of me just wanted to cry].

How could you burn the flag that our service men and women [my husband included] work so hard to protect? Regardless of who won the election, how much hurt you may feel, it is not an excuse…  Lives have been sacrificed for that flag. Families spend months and years apart for that flag. That flag and the people that defend it are the very reason we have so much privilege and opportunity. They are the very reason we get to freely, openly and publicly share our feelings, opinions and view points. So please people, think about your actions in their entirety when you choose to protest. We don’t have to agree on everything, but respect is something EVERYONE deserves.

Here’s a few pictures that sum up this election best!




Alright, alright… [ELECTION RANT OVER].

Let’s give the spotlight to the ones who deserve it MOST… Our military service members.

Today is Veteran’s Day, a day that I believe should be celebrated every day!


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the “military way of life“… Here is a list of a few things Willie and I deal with on any given month(s) just to give you an idea.

1. He must always have a bag packed (yes, he can leave at a moments notice)

2. Dropping him off at the airport for deployments never gets easier (yes, I still cry every time)

3. For safety and security purposes, I am not allowed to tell anyone or post anything if he is deployed (so unfortunately, you will never know if he’s actually in Hawaii with me or gone).

4. I never know where he is or when he will be back

5. Most areas have limited wifi or none at all [so communicating is challenging]

6. I wake up at all hours of the night checking, waiting and wishing for a FB message, email and if I get lucky – a very short phone call

7. Doing life without him is hard [going to the gym, going to social events, going to work, paying bills, fixing things around the house, maintaining the car etc.]


I am not sharing this with you looking for sympathy or pity (after all this is what we signed up for). However, I am sharing this with you in hopes that your eyes may be opened to a way of life that has become the ‘norm’ for us and for many military families. Compared to some, we have it pretty easy… For instance, I can’t imagine raising kids by myself – having to be the mom AND the dad [however you don’t really have a choice when your spouse is on the road for months, even years at a time].

Getting to travel from base to base is something I’ve grown to enjoy. Checking in on arrival day, stopping by Willie’s shop, seeing how the base is laid out and what each base has to offer, strangely gets me excited [I mean who doesn’t love a fresh start]. That being said, our current base in Hawaii did not disappoint. It is absolutely beautiful… Surrounded by blue waters, mountain ranges, palm trees and lush greenery.  Another neat feature of our base is proudly displayed right at the front gate for all to see…

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I feel fortunate that I get to pass this memorial every time I enter or leave base. Every time I drive by, I am instantly reminded again why this country is SO GREAT! It isn’t Trump or Hillary that makes our country great, it’s these beautiful people – our military. The unsung heroes. The ones who don’t want praise or recognition. The ones who sacrifice silently. The ones who willingly lay down their lives for people they don’t even know and probably will never meet. These are the people that I look up to!

Happy Veterans Day to my husband, my dad, my grandpa, my uncles, my cousins and ALL of our service men and women – past, present, future and fallen. Thank you for all you do and all you’ve done! ❤️🇺🇸

God bless and LOTS of prayers for our country and its new leaders!



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