Hula performance

Thursday night was bittersweet…


After 4 weeks of Hula class, we finally had our BIG performance! We performed in front of a church crowd of about 150 people, along with several other dance classes.

My class consisted of about 25 ladies [ranging in all ages]. I feel SO fortunate to have signed up for this class because I had the opportunity to meet and befriend so many beautiful, sisters in Christ [all who had such unique, inspiring stories and journeys]. It’s going to be a little strange not meeting next week for class, but I’m already looking into possibly signing up to take Tahitian dance [aka the ‘shake your hips super fast’ hula]. So I will keep you all updated on what comes of that.


[I was horrible at remembering to take pictures that night]

When we arrived an hour prior to do the run-through, we were all feeling the nerves and jitters, however the excitement in the air was contagious. I practiced probably 100 times the day before, but for some reason I still feared that I would forget it all as soon as I stepped on that stage [LUCKILY this did not happen] especially with me being in the front.

Not only did our class nail it, but we got to praise and worship God through dance [which was unlike anything I have ever experienced before]. Being a cheerleader throughout middle school and high school, I am no stranger to choreographed dance. However, there is something so special, intimate and powerful when you’re able to honor God in this way.

“Let them praise his name with dancing, making a melody to him with a tambourine and lyre!” -Psalm 149:3

“There is a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance.” -Ecclesiastes 3:4

Alright… Here it is… What you have been asking for since I started my Hula classes…

Sorry, the lighting isn’t the best, also please disregard my faces and the fact that I’m singing throughout the whole song. We we’re instructed to have “pleasant, smiling, expressive” faces, but I was just so in the moment and couldn’t help singing out to THE one I was praising…


I hope you enjoyed the fruits of our labor over the past 5 weeks – I know I sure did!



6 thoughts on “Hula performance

  1. Awesome Ashley! You look like a local, but when toy open your mouth, instantly we would know that your not from here. I love when a non-local can embrace the dance and culture with such an open heart.

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