Handing over the reigns

With the open, passionate, emotional beings that US, WOMEN are, I feel that often times our men get the short end of the stick when it comes to self-expression. They almost always put on the ‘tough guy’ persona [you know… the guy with little to no feelings to share]. However, despite the lack of mutual openness – deep down all anyone wants is to be heard [without being questioned or interrupted], which ultimately led me to this idea – an ‘experiment’ of sorts I guess you could call it…

Today is a very special and unique day on the blog, as I am letting the funniest, sweetest, most selfless, humble person take over for the day – my husband! Never in a million years did I think I would see the day that I would grant someone full access to my blog – my baby, my pride and joy! However, after giving it a good, hard thought – my husband is a direct extension of me and very much a part of my life which is why I have chosen to give this crazy idea a go [AND he agreed to do it, which made me even more EXCITED]! Plus, I think my site could use some testosterone!

Note: I gave him no guidelines to follow, no topic ideas, no boundaries and no rules (other than NO profanity or politics).


So without further ado… Unedited, unscripted and untouched… In his writing debut – the ever so handsome, William Olson.

Enjoy and BE NICE to my ‘newbie’ blogger!

{read below to see what he wrote about}…


So, this is how Ashley feels when she sits to write her thoughts down for the mysterious audience that is… THE INTERWEB. Who reads these things anyways? Her friends, some family, an amazing, supportive husband (that’s me, DUH!). But who else? Not that I really care but it would be interesting to find out, right? Any who, that’s not the point here. After reading all of Ash’s posts, critiquing every one as if I could possibly do a better job, she hits me with “Hey, now that your home, I would like it if you would take over my blog for a post!”. At first I was like “Yeah, sure thing!” Then came the deadline, the nagging, and now a huge stone sits where my brain normally is… Blocking any idea that could possibly dance off my finger tips across the keyboard.

So here it is… Attempt number four (yes, I actually wrote three other blog posts before this one)! It’s not gonna be any amazing ‘Ashley Olson blog post’, but it will be MINE, ALL MINE!! Please excuse my horrible sentence structure, grammar, and rambling thoughts; I hope this at least entertains someone out there.


Once upon a time… no that’s not it… In the beginning… Nooo… hmm lemme see… Well first off there’s this girl, her name is Ashley Olson. She is pretty much the best thing in my life. No, she didn’t tell me to write about her, but I honestly couldn’t think of anything else I know more about or feel more passion for. I mean I could tell you about my breakfast I ate this morning and give you all the steps to prepare it, but I’ll save that for my next featured blog post.

But back to this girl… She is incredible! Pick a word, phrase, simile, metaphor, or any other figurative language that you would use to describe a perfect sunrise or sunset over any landscape in your mind. That’s ASH to me. When you look at something so awe-inspiring and all you can think of is, “Wow, GOD is perfect, he made this beautiful creation, this beautiful view. The flaws that ARE here were perfectly planned by our creator to make it perfect in my eyes.” I can’t really put a description to it, but rather a feeling I get sometimes. When you see something so lovely you almost lose a breath, but not quite, so a slight quiver develops in your sternum? (Yes, it sounds like a weird sensation but it is a real one). For me, it happens quite a bit, but I can definitely tell you the breath I took the moment before crying when I saw Ash walking down the aisle, my chest was in a spasm and I thought for a second I forgot how to breathe. She is all of those things awesome writers would use to describe the most amazing thing in the WORLD. I am not; however, an awesome/amazing writer so I’d say she is pretty cool I guess 😉 hehe.


She is my best friend I can tell anything to, and complain about anything with. She is super honest with me, and I can be super honest with her. She is the reason I flipped from trying to coast through life, to actually doing something and getting off my a$$. The person that makes you want to strive to be a better you, and to have that feeling be mutual is “IT”. Yeah, you get annoyed with him/her. Yes, you may fight or say something you regret, but heck, life happens to everyone. It is all about how you discuss those moments… Sometimes, like Ash and I do, laugh about those moments, that make your relationships strong.


This is where I believe Ash and I just get it. We talk… and LISTEN… about anything and everything. Some of you may say “Well, you guys have been together about 8 years!” Dang you know us well! But even in the beginning, we could still talk about everything between us. If there is anything I have learned from relationships, it’s communication is a huge DUH! Another reason I love this Chica! I can tell her, ”Ash, it annoys the crap out of me when you ______. Or, I really don’t like it sometimes when you ______.” She listens and then we talk about it more. Normally, she has no idea it gets under my skin, is surprised, and apologizes. As long as the annoying thing hasn’t been around since the beginning, just let the person know. If it has been there since the beginning… Live with it, and stop trying to change people. They just may not be the right one for you.

Yes, it sounds simple but you have no idea how many people wonder why their relationship isn’t going the way they want, and they are asking their friends about it. Yes, it is good to have an outsider’s opinion on things, but if your significant other isn’t aware that something doesn’t feel right, or feels weird, then to them… nothing is wrong. So, when Ash comes to me and says one of her friends talked to her about relationship stuff, I know I am about to hear it. I never ask who, but I often hear most of the problems. She talks. I listen. It’s not only her friends either… I may have had a few dudes want to talk their relationship problems over with me, and I tell them the same thing… “So, why are you talking to me about it, you need to talk with _______ (enter any name here) that way your problems are on the table, so you both know what you need to work on?” COMMUNICATION IS AWESOME!!!! TALK, TALK, TALK, LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN; and that goes for every relationship (friends, family, coworkers, whatevs). If you don’t communicate how can people know?!?!


Well, there you have it my first blog post… Like I said in the beginning… A lot of rambling, and no real structure to anything. If you wanted a little obvious relationship advice, I didn’t think it was going to go that route, but eeeh, you got some. I could continue this for days because once I started typing, random stuff just wanted to fill the page. Now that I’m a published writer, I’ll leave this to the pro, aka Ash, aka the wiFFF, aka SMASH – the coolest thing since sliced bread. Thanks Ash for letting me ruin your blog for one post. Hopefully, all of your readers could navigate through the confusion that is, my punctuation. I also would like to apologize to all of Ashley’s normal readers, she’ll be back soon I promise.

Stay thrifty,

Big Willie Stylez



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