Navigating The Bible

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had the goal to read the WHOLE Bible, front to back, at least once in my lifetime. I’ve seen the plans online ‘read The Bible in one year’, however I feel like some things in life should never be rushed through just for the sake of time

This is a challenge for even the most seasoned believer, better yet someone who doesn’t read much to begin with.

Over the years, I’ve managed to read a few books of The Bible, but in a very scattered, inconsistent way. There would be a few weeks where I’d be really into reading it, but that initial excitement always seemed to fade with time.

Lets face it. Not all books of The Bible are fun, interesting or life changing. Heck, sometimes it’s a challenge in itself just to understand and comprehend what’s being said. However, one thing that I have come to learn about The Bible is that each book has MANY lessons to teach us (whether we can relate and apply them in our lives right away or later down the road) every book has something equally as important to contribute and for us to take away.

If you’re anything like me, I had no idea where to even begin when it came to this sacred book. Lucky for me, our pastor addressed this issue in one of his sermons a few Sundays back, so I thought I’d take the time and share it with all of you.

Note: This is not a synopsis of each and every book, but I think it could be useful for those of you just starting out or those who haven’t started yet, but are interested.

Total number of books in The Bible: 66

The Old Testament: Genesis-Malachi (first 39 books)

The Old Testament shows us the relationship between God and his people. It covers God’s law and reveals messages through his Prophets. It all points towards Jesus!

Genesis is where it all begins

Exodus reminds us that there will be struggle and hardships in life

Psalms shows us God’s character and greatness

Proverbs gives us simple nuggets of Godly wisdom

Song of Solomon is about love, sex and romance

Hosea speaks of repentance, blessings and how God’s love is incredibly forgiving

Habakkuk talks about unfairness, justice and having a hope-filled faith 

The New Testament: Matthew-Revelation (last 27 books)

The New Testament reveals Jesus as the new plan for salvation and the importance of having a relationship with God.

John gives us a up-close  and personal view of Jesus

Luke contains the Christmas story

-“The Gospels” (aka: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) show the life, teachings and miracles of Jesus. They also describe his death and resurrection.

Acts tells us about the history of the early church and how the Holy Spirit works in us Christians

Romans gives us the foundation of Christian faith (Paul’s letters and those written by others show us how to live out the faith)

2 Corinthians speaks of helping others in their trials and how to manage our finances

Ephesians reminds us to put on the ‘armor of God’ and live in a way that honors him

Philippians talks about humility, finding joy and exalting God in all seasons of life

Revelation is the end times prophecy that usually stirs up an urgency to live for God

Remember, faith requires us to be rounded in all areas of our life. Our job as Christians is to pursue Him, spread the good news and fulfill our calling, but in order to do all of those things we must first know His word. Just as you can’t operate something without first reading the instruction manual, you can’t fully love and serve God without first knowing who He is.

Hope this helps!

Happy reading!



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