Blogging: thoughts so far

Let me first start off by saying, THANK YOU!

Thank you to every single person who has/continues to visit, read and encourage me to do this.

You are all my inspiration to write!

Just the other day, I received this message from a friend. Not just any friend, but a person that Willie and I haven’t seen or heard from in years. So, you can imagine our surprise! (please disregard the choice words). 😊


Although shortly and bluntly put, this message made me realize just how important it is that we continue to share our lives, our stories and our experiences with others. It’s crazy to think that what seems so small and insignificant to us (like pictures for instance), could possibly have the biggest impact on someone else (a family member, a co-worker, an old friend, or a complete stranger). So whether it’s a picture, blog post, inspiring quote, meaningful conversation or encouraging verse, your voice and your story will ALWAYS matter to someone, somewhere.

I’m up to ten (now eleven) posts and my original expectations going into this have already been FAR exceeded.

I remember the day I started the blog, June 29, 2016 (…like it was SO long ago). Thoughts, questions and doubts filled my mind and at one point I thought about it not even doing it. What “type” of blog would I create?, What would I write about?, Will anyone read or even care about the things I have to say?, Will I run out of topics?, What if no one likes it?.

These are all questions that I had and knew I wouldn’t be able to answer unless I took a chance. Sitting there, tired of staring at my computer screen, I finally told myself, “I’m going to do it!”. It was in that very moment, when I realized all of these unknowns could be an opportunity for me to do something GREAT! Who cares if no one likes it? Who cares if no one reads it? Who cares if anyone cares? I’ll be judged either way.

This blog has singlehandedly been the most fulfilling, therapeutic and empowering thing I’ve done in a really long time. I get to connect with people from around the world. I get to share my story with others who may be going through similar situations. I get to give advice, hope and truth to those seeking it. I get to be a light and bring joy to a dark world. I get to help, pray and love more people than I ever could before. But most importantly, I get to spread the good news of Christ! I get to know Him and make Him known!

I get to do these things (all of these AMAZING, wonderful things) from my computer, in my living room, all the way in Hawaii.

Notice I said, “I get to…” not “I can…” or “I am able to…”. “I get to…” means it’s a privilege not an obligation.


As of yesterday evening…

I know numbers shouldn’t matter (and they don’t), but this is so uplifting and encouraging to see! To see just how many people I’ve reached and have possibly helped or impacted is all the more reason I need to continue to write and share. Although, I have no idea where this could or will take me, I see this blog as an exciting opportunity and I want to be intentional about it.

Thank you Lord for giving me such a wonderful gift and platform that I didn’t know I wanted!

And thank you again to all of you for giving me the constant encouragement and positivity to share my life, my marriage, my story and my voice.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!




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