Worth the price tag?

Like most people, there’s certain brands and products that have made me a customer for LIFE. These are products I swear by and that I tend to use often, if not daily.

That’s great Ashley… So what’s the problem you ask?

9 times out of 10, these awesome products almost always come with a NOT so awesome price tag (cha-ching).

If you search online, you can usually find a “knock off” (a brand you’ve never heard of that offers a similar product at a MUCH more affordable price). While some knock offs have far exceeded my expectations, most still leave much to be desired. While I could go through my whole house and give you product reviews, I will spare you all and just stick to the more recent items I’ve fallen completely in love with.

For those of you like us, we are a household who can put away some water (between us both we probably consume a few gallons a day) which still is not enough according to experts. We have a Brita filtering system and a huge pitcher in our fridge that stays full at all times.

This brand/product is one that I will endorse every day of the week, which would explain why we bought 3.


Hydroflask uses double walled stainless steel to keep cold beverages icy cold for up to 24+ hours and hot beverages steaming hot for up to 6+ hours. They guarantee no condensation or heat transfer to the outside of the bottle and each product comes with a lifetime warranty. Yes, these are some expensive bottles, but they are pure magic!

So whether it’s water, coffee, beer or a cocktail, this brand goes above and beyond to make sure your drink stays at the perfect temperature all day long (without flavors lingering behind).

*I filled my bottle up with water and ice one morning, the next morning there was still ice. These are no joke!


40 oz bottles (two pictured left) $42.95

64 oz growler (pictured right) $59.95


We are a little late to the game on our next item (partly due to the price) but we finally bit the bullet and bought a Yeti cooler. We purchased this cooler right before the fourth so that we could use it that day and also during our time here in Hawaii. Like our Hydroflasks, this cooler did NOT disappoint. From 5am to 9pm, our cooler sat on the beach, in the sun… Our beer and food stayed cold and to my surprise hardly any of our ice melted. Purchase JUSTIFIED!

Although, our hearts really wanted the larger Tundra 35 or 65 model… With it just being the two of us, we don’t have the need for it just YET. However, when our family does grow, I’m sure we will upgrade and it will be with Yeti.



Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler $250

Sold at most sporting good, outdoor stores.


This next product was more for myself than Willie per say. It was one of my birthday presents this year and I must say I am over the moon about it so far…

We had just arrived in Hawaii and my birthday was quickly approaching, Willie asked what I wanted and for once in my life, I really couldn’t think of anything. Here I am, living in paradise with my best friend, what more could I possibly want?

That night we went to the store (I can’t remember for what). As we walked aimlessly down the aisles, my eyes were suddenly drawn and immediately I knew what I wanted for my birthday (yes guys, although women often don’t, we are capable of making a decision THAT quick).

For the longest time, I was always “that” girl that would walk by the Dyson vacuum cleaners saying, “I will get one, one day, but not right now. They’re just too expensive”. Well, I finally stopped with the excuses and rambled off the perks to my less than thrilled husband as he stared at the price tag. “Happy Birthday!” he said as I gave him the most angelic grin.

This vacuum picks up so much more than any vacuum I’ve ever used. It’s lightweight, comes with so many useful attachments and has a limited lifetime warranty. Don’t even get me started on the turning radius and maneuverability… All I can say is… It’s truly life changing.




Dyson DC 40 Origin Upright Vacuum $299.99

Sold at Walmart, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond.


These next few items aren’t necessarily expensive or anything you may have to financially set aside for. But they are in my mind absolutely essential depending on your likes, hobbies and lifestyle.

First up, foam rollers (more like life savers)! These are a MUST if you workout and/or live an active lifestyle… Not only do these guys help relieve sore muscles, aches and pains, but they also have many other benefits that somehow are rarely ever mentioned like: increase in flexibility, decrease in recovery time and increase in blood flow/circulation which in turn can help reduce cellulite (lets be honest, nobody likes that stuff). Need I say more?

They come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the one that’s right for you and your body should be your first priority. Never foam rolled before? No problem, neither had I until a year or two ago. There are so many articles and how to videos online (literally, just type in foam rolling into Google or Youtube) and you will be on your way in no time.

With everything in life, there are correct and incorrect ways of foam rolling so be sure to get information from a viable source. Obviously, if you are hurting more than healing you may want to consult with a doctor, healthcare professional or fitness instructor to make sure your exercising/foam rolling in the healthiest, safest and most correct way. Happy rolling!



Typically ranges anywhere from $25-$50

Sold at Walmart, Target and most sporting good stores.

The last two items left on the list are things many people already have, but I’m including them anyway because they are THAT important! Since being in Hawaii, these are the two things we use the MOST, other than sunscreen and our beach speaker. If you are a beach goer, camper or just love the outdoors, these are for you (if you don’t ALREADY own them).

First up, backpack beach chairs with extra storage pockets and/or cooler.

To the person who thought that putting straps on the back of a beach chair was a good idea, I thank you every single day. You make my life so much easier and my time getting to the beach bearable. Depending on the brand, a good, quality beach chair can set you back more than you would think (some even into the hundred range) but if you search hard enough sometimes you can come across a deal or snag them when they go on sale. So always be on the look out.



Ours were in the $40-$50 range (which isn’t bad at all).

 Most quality beach chairs will range anywhere from $30-$150.

But if you use them enough, they definitely pay for themselves!

Last but certainly not least…

The half dome beach tent.

Think of it as the new and improved version of your classic beach umbrella. It offers shade, pockets for storage, more stable against strong winds and is a lot more compact/portable. We mostly use ours at beach when we plan to be there all day long. It provides just enough shade, without having to deal with the bulkiness of a full size tent or the flimsiness of a cheap beach umbrella. However, the thing I like most of all, is how versatile it is. You can use it practically ANYWHERE: the beach, camping, at a picnic, in your yard, inside for the kids, at the park, at a party or BBQ… The list goes on.



We got our beach tent on base for $40-$50 bucks (which is a great deal).

However, like the beach chairs, depending on the brand and size these tents can range anywhere from $40-$200+. In my book well worth it for those who enjoy being outdoors!

I understand that many of you may already have these items/versions of these items (so, you know just how great they are). However, while I am so glad that you took the time to visit my blog and read this, the point of this post are for those people out there who need some reassurance or an honest review.

Whether it’s someone who has been looking to purchase, but wasn’t completely “sold”, someone who actually never realized they wanted it or better yet needed it or someone who never knew such a thing even existed. I hope I have helped in some small, insignificant way…

As a “interactive” blogger, I love hearing from my readers and am always looking for the next best “life hack” or product, so I’d love to hear about some of the MUST HAVES in YOUR life! Ready, set, GO!

Happy shopping!



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