Interview + Neighbors = Bananas

Well, for those of you asking, wondering or praying, my interview yesterday with Navy Federal Credit Union went okay (yep, just okay). The interview was 45 minutes long and was BY FAR the toughest interview I’ve ever had. It consisted of 12 “tell me a time when…” questions, which in my opinion are the most challenging questions to answer. It required me to recall specific work related situations and expand on those situations by identifying how I handled or approached it, what steps I took, what the outcome was and if I would do anything differently (yes people, questions inside of questions AND there were 12 of them).


Could my interview have gone better? Yes, of course. Am I going to dwell on it? No. That’s the thing about faith… At the end of the day, I know who holds my future. I know He has a plan far greater than what I could ever begin to imagine for myself.

The branch managers who I interviewed with, said that they had a large pool of applicants and had just started the interview process, so it may be a few weeks until I hear back. Trust me, if by some miracle I do get the job, you will be the first to know. But until then, trusting, praying and counting my blessings just as I always have.

Alright, enough work talk for one day.

I know I had originally planned to give you a house tour this week, but due to procrastination on my part (sorry y’all) I will be saving that post for next week. I’ve gotten A LOT done, but as you can see I’ve been neglecting some nooks and crannies. So stay tuned!



Instead, let me tell you what else happened yesterday (other than my mediocre interview and cluttered home)…

Last week, I realized we haven’t even met our neighbors yet, which is absolutely terrible since we moved in almost a month ago. I guess with all the unpacking, getting settled, exploring on the weekends, preparing for this interview and Willie being busy at work, we just FORGOT! Our plan was to go meet them this weekend, but one of our neighbors beat us to it.

Her name is Lisa. She stopped by last night, introduced herself, we had small talk on our front porch and she brought over these beauties!


Yes, a bundle of the freshest bananas you can get (literally she cut them off her banana tree) – gotta love Hawaii. Bless her sweet soul. They were SO yummy and FREE, which made them taste that much sweeter!

We still have one more neighbor to meet, hopefully he or she is as nice as Lisa (or at least has a few fruit trees) hehe.

Have a great weekend loves!




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