Unpack, caffeine, REPEAT

This past Tuesday was an absolutely GLORIOUS day!

Because… This happened!


Our stuff FINALLY arrived!

Just so you can get an idea as to why we were SO excited, here’s a timeline of our time in Hawaii thus far.

  • June 6 – Arrived to Hawaii, began our stay in a hotel
  • June 13 – Picked up our car from the shipping center
  • June 15 – Found a place, signed a lease, still in hotel
  • June 17 – Moved out of our hotel and into our new place with nothing but our luggage in hand
  • June 18 – Spent way too much on my birthday (irrelevant, lets keep going)
  • June 23 – Received our express shipment that had our towels, a few pots and pans and some of our bedding
  • June 24 – Got a call saying that our household goods shipment (aka: the “mac daddy” shipment that had almost ALL of our stuff) wouldn’t be delivered until July 6th. Bummer.
  • July 6 – At 1:00pm the “Gods in blue” showed up bearing gifts wrapped in large shipping crates. Hallelujah! Don’t get me wrong, I love camping. But I am thrilled to see this month long camping trip come to an end!

The movers knew right away who was in charge and who had the final say as to where everything was supposed to go (hand on the hip and all). I think it goes without saying, they handed me the clipboard almost instantaneously.


As I was kicking butt and taking names inside, Willie was outside marking off each box as it was unloaded, so that we knew upfront if anything was missing (thank God everything was there). Mind you, he did not lift one box, this is how hot and humid Hawaii is (sweating while seated). I think I got the better end of the deal, inside! Poor Willie.


Before the mayhem!


And… After…




I have NEVER been more thrilled to see stuff (our stuff) in my life. I legit gave our couch a hug when the movers put it in our living room and I would’ve hugged them too if I knew that it wouldn’t totally creep them out. #STRANGERDANGER

Damaged goods? Luckily, only one thing SO FAR!


RIP fan. We tried fixing it, but it was just too warped to piece back together.

It’s a good thing we have 3 more fans.

Today marks Day 2 of unpacking, I’ve gotten a lot accomplished but still have a ways to go (I am absolutely dreading the kitchen. I’m saving that bad boy for the end). So far, I’ve gotten our bedroom and bathroom unpacked, organized and somewhat decorated. My goal is to be COMPLETELY DONE by the end of next week (which is doable, since Willie works during the day and I have the house to myself). I work better when he’s not here (less distraction, plus I’m OCD and very particular when it comes to unpacking).

Speaking of OCD/”particular-ness?” that is something I’m really making an effort to work on and be more conscious of. Willie tries to help me in so many ways (which when I stop and think about it, I am SO grateful for) but more times than not I decline his help or either go back behind him once he’s done just because it’s not done the way I want or it’s not up to my “standards” (which are next to impossible to meet, unless I just do it myself).

Sometimes bad habits become so second nature to us that we don’t even realize when we’re doing them, better yet stop to think about how it makes the other person feel. I don’t know about you, but I never want to be that person, that pushes people away (especially my husband).

I am FAR from perfect and our marriage is not as easy as we make it look in our pictures. We argue, push each others buttons and get on each other’s nerves on a weekly if not daily basis… But we also openly talk about our problems right then and there (while they are happening) which forces us to deal with it right away and in turn helps our relationship in the long run.

Strong marriages and relationships in general are built upon the struggles given from God. Yes, the same God that gives life and blessings also requires us to struggle. However, those struggles are just the cement to our foundation, with God laying the brick, forming us into the people He has destined us to be.

Remember, nothing worth having is ever easy, so keep fighting for love, trusting God to guide you and ALWAYS have each others back.

[Insert cheesy picture here]


Oh, and if your friend needs help unpacking, help them too.

Next week on the blog, I hope to be able to show you our house (hopefully it’s all put together by then). But in the meantime…

I hope you all have a great weekend!



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