Here goes nothing…

What better way to start off hump day than with my very FIRST blog post! I’m not sure what direction this blog will take me in (or if it will “take me” anywhere at all), but I have a good feeling about it and at the moment that is enough.

For those of you reading this, my only hope is that I can impact or touch a life in a way I may not have been able to otherwise. To be there for someone in a time of need. To give advice to someone who needs it. To spread some joy and laughter where there is darkness and emptiness. To pray for a family member, friend or complete stranger. To let God’s light shine through me. To help those struggling with love, health and life. To remind everyone that they are not alone. To show everyone that their story/journey is unique and beautiful no matter how messed up it may seem.

God loves you. I love you. Now go love others!


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